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    Britax Marathon Clicktight Review

  • Honest Review on Britax Marathon Clicktight

    Britax marathon is a recommended convertible car seat with a high quality and easy arrangements. The marathon is now equipped with improved safety features.

    What is it?

    Convertible car seat is needed for parents who have children below 10 years old. The function of convertible car seat is to keep your children safe on their seat without moving around actively while the car is still running. The convertible car seat is very popular among other type of car seats; this is due to its flexibility to change from rear-facing arrangement to forward-facing, easily adjusted to the age of your child.


    Recently, Britax presents the britax marathon clicktight which is part of the Britax’s Marathons. It is a new improved convertible car seat which is said to have the best safety features out of Britax Marathon by BabyKhal.com


    The britax marathon clicktight convertible car seat is easy to arrange between two setup which are the rear-facing and forward-facing. Each of these setups has its own criteria or limitation on two aspects: weight and height of the child. These conditions applied only to maximize the safety feature. The seat should be in a rear-facing view when the child weighs 5 until 40 pounds and maximum height up to 49”. Meanwhile, the forward-facing is given to children who weigh 20 to 65 pounds and a maximum of 17.5” in height.

  • Britax Marathon Clicktight Best Features

    Moreover, it is suggested to all parents to keep eyes on their children’s safety. It is not recommended to forward-facing your children until they are ready to use a booster seat.

    ClickTight Istallation System

    Every product is made with its own specialty. The convertible car seat of Britax marathons is rich in new developed features. The first feature is called the impact stabilizing. As its name, this feature is used for stabilizing impact in case of a collision. The feature is actually a steel frame built in the seat’s edges. The steel frame works in one way that is absorbing the energy of the collision when it happens to reduce the possibility of your child get harmed.

    Impact Absorbing Base

    The second best feature of britax marathon clicktight is the so called impact absorbing, which does exactly like its name, tells you. The impact absorbing works to reduce the impact of a collision and prevent your child from moving forward. The device is built into the seat, therefore it is not visible from a slight look. The third best feature is the side impact protection. Basically, its function is to protect the child from side collision.

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    Recommendation on Britax Marathon Clicktight

    Best Car Seat On Market Today

    The best convertible car seat is recommended to buy. The seat offers a high quality car seat that advance in term of safety. With such an improved quality, keeping your child safe is highly possible.


    Your children will be safe and seated nicely during the trip. Since the seat is convertible, you are able to adjust the facing according to your children’s age. Therefore, the safety is really in your hand.


    Moreover, as parents, keeping them safe is a priority, thus, with advanced safety features from the car seat, collision impact will be absorbed and your children will be safe. Conclusively, the marathon clicktight from britax is something which is worth looking into.